Plus de 10 ans après son premier lancement, le MacBook Air fait enfin peau neuve. La dernière mise à jour de l’ultraportable phare d’Apple, décliné en 11,6 et 13,3 pouces, remontait à 2016. He is back with a new screen Retina, a Finger Touch ID fingerprint sensor and Apple T2 security chip in what the company calls "the most secure boot process all laptops". It's an interesting choice of words, because Shortly after, Apple introduced the iPad Pro, called Face ID, "Safer than all the tablets and all the computers". presumably, this includes the MacBook Air super secure. It was a shocking moment. While boasting of the security of its new MacBook Air, Apple said the obsolete and small compared to the relatively affordable iPad in a matter of minutes.

The new MacBook Air is finally equipped with a Retina display, modern processors, a housing 50% thinner and keyboard updated. This is the first major refresh of the MacBook Air for years and finally made a modern and competitive Machine. But how does it compare with existing MacBook and MacBook Pro Apple?

Now that the MacBook Air has been refurbished, it is not the price 1 000 euros. Instead of that, Air dropped its price advantage in favor of more competitive specifications. But with the MacBook Pro 13 inch, it may seem easier to spend a few euros more for a model that, in some ways, is more powerful. Other MacBook are behind on updates. in parallel, Apple has updated the MacBook and MacBook Pro (without the touch bar) For more than one year, which means that the processors and keyboards are dated. Buy a laptop with an Intel chip 7th generation means losing performance gains. Get a Butterfly Keyboard second generation could mean some of the difficulties that users complain, such as unexpected key. The new MacBook Air has a few drawbacks: its clock speed is lower than the Pro and, as is the case with its predecessors, its basic storage is low (although it is possible to upgrade to 1,5 To). Whether these are sufficient to guide you or not to larger MacBooks, Being consulted all specifications will definitely help decision. To simplify things, we examine the basic specifications and the starting price of each MacBook.

Le nouveau MacBook Air ne nécessite pas le remplacement intégral du boîtier supérieur lors du remplacement de la batterie. C’était un détail bienvenu, mais surprenant, car la précédente génération de MacBook Air à partir de 2013 nécessitait un nouveau top case avec remplacement de la batterie. Il n’est pas nécessaire de remplacer tout le boîtier supérieur lors du remplacement de la batterie.

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