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launched in 2005 as the first Mac within 600 ME – a major asset to attract "switches" from Windows PCs, Mac mini 2018 was recently redesigned in late 2018. With quad-core processor options and 6 hearts, last refresh Mac mini comes forward more than ever. For the first time, All Mac mini configurations are equipped with PCIe SSD drives, and the T2 security chip Apple. More important again, Mac mini 2018 has four ports Thunderbolt 3, which makes it extremely versatile. The Mac mini is back and resumes its rightful place right, Mac the most versatile of all computers Apple. The long update, which was announced in the middle of the iPad Pro event last week, is exciting for several reasons. To begin, Mac mini features all new Intel 8th generation high capacity. The range of processors starts with a rather anemic system, but still much faster than the last Mac mini, Core i3 3,6 GHz quad-core. The intermediary processor option is a Core i5 6 hearts 3 GHz with an acceleration turbo 4,1 GHz, while the highest configuration adds a Core i7 3 hearts 3,2 GHz up 4,6 GHz. While processor upgrades were necessary, improvements in chip are probably not the most exciting thing of the Mac mini. This award goes to four ports Thunderbolt 3 at the rear of the machine. This opens the smaller Apple Mac to a world of constantly growing scalability, giving the impression that everything is possible for what was once the Mac Apple forgot.

2018 Mac mini to the expandable RAM

Nowadays, you've probably heard that the Mac mini features a scalable RAM this year; it is not soldered to the system board as in the model 2014. However, because of the location of the RAM, you must separate the entire machine to exchange the sticks. Apple used an interesting method to keep the RAM up. Rather than push the modules in its usual clips, he used a flexible plastic in which the modules are based. To make sure they do not slide easily, another shield is placed over and keeps everything in place. It is with pleasure that we, iBros, you therefore propose for this purpose a boost solution to achieve the full capacity.

Sadly, RAM is the only component that you can upgrade.

The Mac mini to all ports you need

If you remove the gray finish, the new Mac mini looks like his predecessors. Apple has made no changes to its aluminum shell. This may disappoint some, but it has an advantage: there is still plenty of room for all the ports you need. These ports have however been updated. You get four USB ports-C, two USB-A port, HDMI and an audio jack. There is also a Gigabit Ethernet connection. (If you need it, you can pay a little extra to upgrade to the latest standard Ethernet 10 Gb.)

The Mac mini 2018, is definitely an improvement in size compared to its predecessor and an interesting glimpse of the future of the Mac ecosystem. The mini is still the most preferred gateway for a Mac desktop ecosystem, but the definition of the input level has significantly evolved to a great improvement Apple.C'est, a fantastic multipurpose tool to meet many potential needs and just a fantastic little computer. One of the main benefits of updating gap Apple for four years is that there is no confusion about the new Mac mini: it's better than all of his predecessors. And if you are looking for the opportunity to upgrade an older model, you have no reason to wait. It is also much more versatile, with a wide range of configurations that should appeal to home theater users and media professionals.

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